Lora Lantz – Practices for Mindful Living | practice with me

with me

Lora Lantz – Practices for Mindful Living | practice with me

with me

Lora Lantz – Practices for Mindful Living | practice with me

How do I meet people where they are?

When working with a client one on one – whether for a private or a yoga therapy consultation – I provide an intake form ahead of time. The intake form gives me information so I can learn a little more about you and understand more of where you are coming from. When we meet, I spend time simply listening to how you’re doing and what your needs are. I ask a lot of questions to get as full a picture of you and your life as possible.

In a classroom setting, I present a simple, yet effective, sequencing. I move around the room assisting, so I’m clear and concise with my directions and cues to help you get in and out of poses safely. I give people permission to listen to their bodies and to take breaks anytime. While teaching, I teach to who shows up that day and adapt the flow. Additionally, I’m able to read the energy of the room and read bodies. My guiding principles are to keep the class safe, yet still fun and challenging.

Lora Lantz – Practices for Mindful Living | practice with me

How do I take people deeper into their practice?

Recognize that your practice is ever evolving. Keep things simple. If you have a bad day, you don’t just throw in the towel, you start over again and again if need be. Yoga is all about the now. I encourage self-inquiry. I look at the person’s whole life – what makes you happy and brings you joy, what stresses you out, what do you want more time for? I help them get clear on what it is they want. I encourage people to see that they have the power to do so much themselves instead of looking outward for the solutions.

Mentor program for teachers

I love to work with teachers who are brand new, or teachers who have been teaching for a while. There are a lot of struggles that come along with being a yoga teacher and I have experienced most, if not all of them. I have learned a lot through trial and error. Through managing yoga studios for over 9 years and working with many teachers over time, I’ve learned what works.

Areas we’ll work on include:

  • finding your voice as a teacher;
  • how you can stand out as you;
  • creating playlists;
  • staying inspired;
  • preventing burn-out;
  • feeling comfortable with assists;
  • building strong themes that reflect your personality and style;
  • preventing burn-out;

and through feedback I can help a teacher see where they have room to grow or simply to recognize their strengths.

Lora Lantz – Practices for Mindful Living | practice with me
Are you tired of hearing “that’s great!” and your numbers aren’t growing, what can you do to change that? Would you like to learn how to elicit good feedback from your students and clients?
If so, let’s work together!
Lora Lantz – Practices for Mindful Living | practice with me

Lora Lantz – Practices for Mindful Living | practice with me

Privates and Yoga Therapy

Through a yoga therapy practice, I meet individual client’s specific health and wellness needs.

Privates can be one-on-one or semi-private. It could be as simple as alignment tips. Investing in a private, just one time, or once a month can improve your practice tenfold. It could also be for someone who wants to go to a yoga class but is intimidated and wants to know some of the basics to gain the confidence to step into a studio.

Areas of focus may include but are not limited to:

  • yoga fundamentals;
  • breathing techniques;
  • inversions;
  • yoga lifestyle guidance;
  • build your own home practice;
  • meditation;
  • Yoga Nidra;
  • restorative practices;
  • help with building strength and flexibility;

and much more.

Yoga therapy is all about self-care. A yoga therapy session might be the right fit for you if: you are dealing with injuries or experiencing pain during your practice; have difficulty with sleep; or feeling anxious or depressed. Yoga therapy can help through breathing techniques, meditation, specific therapeutic movements, yoga poses, mudras (hand gestures), and mindfulness practices – all individualized for each person. You will learn new tools to help you be more comfortable and ways to deal with pain in a more holistic way.


Who doesn’t love a retreat? It’s like pressing the pause button and giving yourself the time for what you need. Sometimes you may not even know what it was you needed until you take that time. Time to decompress and realize who you are. You get to go to a fun location that you may not be comfortable going on your own and you’ll meet like minded people.

Join me on a publicly offered retreat or I can coordinate a retreat for your company or business group.

Lora Lantz – Practices for Mindful Living | practice with me

Lifestyle – Health and Wellness

I can help create a wellness program for your company, small business, or family. Together, we look at sleep cycles and patterns, stress, physical activity, diet, and relaxation/fun. We’ll create together what work life balance is for you and how to make it happen. Through our time together you’ll learn how to increase your overall health and have more energy.

I can present to a group on health and wellness or set up one-on-one coaching, where we get into the nitty gritty of your life so you can walk away with a doable action plan you can apply immediately to your life.

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