Today on our morning walk, Austin shared with me Casey Neistat retired his vlog. He’d been posting short, incredibly produced videos every day for the past 18 months. In his final post, he shared when he first moved to NY he had nothing to lose and now that he’s successful he has more to lose by stopping his vlog yet he knows it’s the best choice.

It got me thinking about my life and where I took big risks that mattered. At the time, some of these decisions didn’t feel like risks, it was just what my heart said to do and other times, most times, they scared me shitless.

  • Moving to Spain
  • Moving to Colorado Springs
  • Becoming a yoga instructor
  • Giving up my comfortable desk job to pursue yoga full time
  • Ending my marriage
  • Walking away from a comfortable management position to a solo yoga gig
  • Investing in my yoga therapy certification
  • Leading yoga retreats on my own
  • Accepting a position to lead wellness and health lectures
  • Writing a Blog

How about you? What events have helped shaped who you are today? When have you gone for it when you had no idea what the future held?

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where all the fruit is.” -Mark Twain

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